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Chelsea Academy is open to girls and boys of all backgrounds who value learning and apply themselves to the best of their ability.

The Academy admits 180 Year 7 students each year and most of these live in the local area. Ten per cent of places are for students with aptitude in music. Of the remaining places, half are ‘Foundation Places’, with priority given to those who attend Christian churches and Church of England primary schools within the Royal Borough. The other half are ‘Community Places’, with priority given to applicants from the Royal Borough’s community primary schools and allocated to those who live closest to the school.

The Academy’s students come from a wide range of social and cultural backgrounds and reflect the full range of academic ability. We value our diversity and relentlessly reinforce the belief that everyone has gifts and talents and all students can achieve and be successful in school if they have a positive attitude to learning.

Chelsea Academy is firmly committed to involving students in the leadership and development of their school. Students, teachers and associate staff are recognised as equal partners in learning.

As well as participating in the planning and delivery of lessons, every student is expected to contribute in other ways. Some are prefects who help to support the smooth running of the Academy, while others are peer mentors who advise and support younger students. There are teams of Faculty Ambassadors and all staff recruitment days include a student panel. Students are regularly asked to give feedback on lessons and other aspects of Academy life.