Student Leadership

Chelsea Academy is firmly committed to involving students in the leadership and development of their Academy. Students, teachers and associate staff are recognised as partners.

As well as actively participating in their own learning, every student is encouraged to develop valuable leadership qualities by contributing to the broader life of our community. Some are prefects who help support the smooth running of the Academy, some are peer mentors or Student Voice representatives who advise and support their fellow students, while others act as  ‘Ambassadors’ for Curriculum Areas. 

The Academy has an active Student Leadership Team, including two Head Students drawn from Year 13 who are supported by Deputy Head Students from Year 12. Every member of this team has been selected following an election and a rigorous panel interview. Each of the Academy’s six Houses also has a House Captain who is involved in promoting and leading the well established inter-house competitions and events.

Involving students in the leadership of their own Academy helps them to take responsibility and know how to organise their time and their learning. They learn how to work with others in a positive way and, in doing so, develop the valuable skills and attitudes that enable them to flourish.