Work Experience

All pupils receive the following work experience opportunities.

Year 10 Work Experience

Work experience at Chelsea Academy is a unique opportunity for students to experience the world of work. Our bespoke approach to organising placements means that students are able to work in contexts relevant to their preferred future careers. Some recent prestigious placements have included Accenture, Sky Television, the Thames Tideway Tunnel, Imperial College and Aston Martin.

The main purpose of work experience is not only to prepare students for the transition from school to work, but also enable them to gain:

  • First-hand experience of a working environment
  • Experience of doing a job, daily, under working conditions
  • Opportunities to meet and get to know working people
  • Insight and answers to questions put to employers and employees
  • The chance to observe people performing a range of jobs they may not have seen before
  • An understanding of jobs and careers through working with people in these professions
  • Confidence through the discovery of skills, talents and interests they may not previously have been aware of
  • A perception of the link between subjects studied at the Academy and the skills required as an employee
  • A clearer understanding of why industry, commerce and business are important for the country
  • An investigative approach to developing their potential through job choice, further education and vocational training.

All Year 10 students will undertake a work experience placement for 5 days.

Should you have any further enquires please do not hesitate to contact Mr Flitcroft at

Year 12 Work Experience

Chelsea Academy Sixth Form work with ‘Access Aspiration’ to offer high quality preparation for work, including networking events with a range of professionals, and high quality work placements which are offered to all students in Year 12. Students have gained placements with employers such as: Royal Surrey Hospital, Barts Caner Research Institute; Arup (Engineering), Halpern PR Agency; Donmar Warehouse; Brompton Asset Management.

Students also benefit from a range of enterprise opportunities including entering the prestigious ‘Grocers Awards’. Volunteering is encouraged, and most students develop their skills through working as a teaching assistant, reading support, or other external placement more suited to their career aims, on Wednesday afternoons. In addition, students are given leave to attend Industry Insight days at a range of employers including Twitter and Google.

Ongoing Work Experience Opportunities

Students in Years 10-13 are free to organise their own ongoing work experience placements which may take place during enrichment on Friday afternoons. Typically, these are arranged by students who have a particular passion for a profession or skill.

For example, there are currently students undertaking placements in garages, learning from experienced mechanics, while another student is helping to arrange events for the St.Lucia Tourist Board.

Additionally, Years 12 & 13 may opt to undertake work experience placements on Wednesday afternoons.