Welcome to the Chelsea Academy Chaplaincy Page.

Hello there! My name is Dwight van Kan, and I’m the Chaplain here at Chelsea Academy. My main role is to be a Christian presence within the school. However, my role involves several other responsibilities including mentoring, support of,  and the delivery of  lessons as well as organising prayer groups. I pray that this page aids you in your spiritual journey  by providing you with simple prayers and reflections which are provided below and are frequently updated.

As a Chaplain, I intend to be a source of spiritual and pastoral care for all throughout the school community. This includes being a spiritual guide for students, staff and parents/ carers especially through student, staff and parent/carer prayer gatherings (which will be noted below in the ‘Community News’ document). These gatherings nourish each individual to become the best they can be through the power of faith and hope. 

My role also includes connecting with local churches within the area to provide extra-curricular activities such as lunch-time and after school clubs, retreats,  mentoring and church services for the whole of the community here at Chelsea Academy. However, I also provide practical support. For example helping bereaved students and their families through mentoring and email communication, and signposting families to support they may need such as accessing local food banks.

The London Diocesan Board for Schools and the Diocese of London (Kensington Area) also provide support and resources for RE lessons as well as termly Church Services at local churches such as St. Luke’s and Christ Church 

If you have any enquiries, whether spiritual or practical, feel free to contact me on my email which is:

Dwight van Kan

May the peace of Christ be with you all.

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