Chelsea Academy has a range of digital systems and resources to help learning. Please see below for them all plus others to make parents' lives easier!

Digital Learning Login Guidance

We have a number of digital services available to help your child make progress or to simply share information at Chelsea Academy. Below is a list of those services and how either you or your child can log in. The majority can only be accessed by the students but your knowledge of them is important to help support them with their learning.

Bedrock Learning

This parent guide shows you how you and your child can each log into Bedrock from home, allowing them to continue their learning and enabling you to monitor their progress.

Parent Guide to Bedrock Learning

Chelsea Academy Learning Cloud (CALC)

The most important is the CALC or Chelsea Academy Learning Cloud. This is where students can access their email, calendar and unlimited google drive storage. 

GCSEPod – useful for year 9, 10 and 11

GCSEPod is an online independent learning platform.  It allows all students access to revision and learning materials.

Hegarty Maths – useful for years 7 – 11

Hegarty Maths in an online independent maths learning platform.  It allows all students to practice maths questions and self learn mathematics. 

Guidance on logging in and using the platform

How to Access eBooks

Guidance on how to access any RBKC library and also make use of the virtual libraries

Digital systems for parent / guardian use


The Academy has now moved to an online cashless payment service called ParentPay. We advise for all payments of school meals and trips to be made through this service. For all queries relating to ParentPay, please contact the Finance department on finance@chelsea-academy.org.

Parents’ Consultation Evenings

Appointments for Parents’ Consultation Evenings and Learning Coach Consultation Days can now be made electronically through the Parents’ Evening System. You will be issued with a login code prior to the event, and this same code can be used for every event of this nature whilst your child is a student with us at the Academy. Please view the document below for step-by-step instructions of how to book appointments.

Guidance on how to book appointments

The Edulink app allows us to easily communicate with parentsWhether it’s sharing information such as attendance or school reports, all of the information is easily accessible from the convenience of your phone, tablet or PC. Use the word Chelsea for school ID.

Seneca Learning

Seneca Learning is an additional online learning platform where parents are able to track students’ progress.

Chelsea Academy Chromebook