Intervention Strategies

At Chelsea Academy, we are determined that no student is left behind, so when students do find it difficult to keep up with the demands of exam preparation, controlled assessment or on-going BTEC assignments, there are range of strategies in place to help them fulfil their potential.

Independent Learning Support Programme (ILSP)

Where students in Years 9-11 fall behind in their Independent Learning, they are asked to attend compulsory supervised catch-up sessions from 4-5pm, Monday to Thursday, for a four week block. Work is emailed directly to students’ email accounts to help them with their organisation, students are asked to plan each session, and work takes place in exam conditions. Full computer access is available, as ILSP sessions take place in computer suites.

Independent Learning club

Independent Learning (IL) club takes place in the LRC every night until 5pm and is optional for students. These sessions are also supervised, and full computer access is available.

Revision lessons

In the run-up to public exams, Year 10 students have the opportunity to attend revision classes in core subjects, whilst Year 11 students will be offered classes across the full range of subjects.

Breakfast club

On the day of public exams, the Academy is open from 7am onwards for students to come in and revise, either alone, or with friends. From 7.30-7.45 students are offered a free, healthy breakfast to help get them into the right frame of mind.

Study support

On occasion, it is beneficial for students to reduce the number of subjects they are studying. For identified students, one option is dropped at the end of Year 10, and students use the extra time to catch up with work from other areas. Supervision is provided to ensure that students are taking a structured approach to their work.

Achievement conferences

Just before public exams in core subjects, the Year 10 and Year 11 timetable is changed completely to allow the English, Maths and Science teachers a full day to run revision lessons with their classes. We call these days ‘achievement conferences’ and it gives students the opportunity to make a lot of progress in a short space of time just before their exams.

Mentoring programme

Throughout Year 11, identified students are mentored by members of the Leadership Team. Their performance is tracked carefully to ensure that they make the required improvements.

The initiatives mentioned above are our generic intervention programmes, but of course students also receive regular on-going support and one-to-one help from their subject teachers, both in and out of lessons. Above all, this is at the heart of our students’ success.