Staff by Year and House

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Year 7

Head of Year 7Charlotte Hetherington
DHoY 7 / Newton House LeaderValentina Alvino

7C Lauren Fullen and Joan Turleyn
7E Honor Thomson and Ellie Comerford
7F Aleksandra Batruch and Sarah Collison
7G Alex Rowe and Yuxin Shi
7L Victoria Maiquez and Luke Norman
7N William Findlay and Jasleen Gill

Year 8

Head of Year 8Georgie Spearpoint
DHoY 8 / Lister House Leader   Stewart Miller

8C Louise Dack
8E Idiris Sheikhnur
8F Mikyla Warr
Michaela Toumi (Supporting 8C, 8E and 8F)
8G Kit Brice
Helen Ferris
Mathilde Hersart De La Villemarque
Andrew Watson (Supporting 8G, 8L and 8N)

Year 9

Head of Year 9 – Jake Fisher
DHoY 9 / Einstein House Leader Martina Skrobanska

9C Sarah Nugent
9E Sholto Morgan
9F Christian Von Pfefer
Helen Durand (Supporting 9C, 9E and 9F)
9G Jack Gaddes
9L Mary Beadles
9N Tyler Lewis
Tauseef Ul-Haq (Supporting 9G, 9L and 9N)

Year 10

Head of Year 10 – Hayleigh Fox-Clark
DhoY 10 /
Faraday House LeaderJohn Silverman

10C Laura Rios 
10E Antonia Lindsay
10F Hollit Winterton
Nicole Kempley  (Supporting 10C, 10E and 10F)
10G Stephen Jefferson
10L Ryan De Courcey
10N Holly Daher
Joanne Mitchell (Supporting 10G, 10L and 10N)

Year 11

Head of Year 11 – Richard Daverat
Acting DHoY 11 / Galileo House LeaderYasmin Elfersy

11C Christian Borresen
11E Sarah Thompson
11F Christian Doubble
Martin Bennison (Supporting 11C, 11E and 11F)
11G Katherine McLoughlin
11L Doreen Ogello
11N Luke Pritchard
Ibtissame Kriuar (Supporting 11G, 11L and 11N)

Year 12

Head of Year 12  Jennifer Hogg
DHoY 12 and 13 – James Flitcroft

12C Olga Williamson
12E  Shiri Gill 
12F Tom Browning
Sarah Ginesi (Supporting 13C, 13E and 13F)
12G Warwick Hughes
12L Marisa Milligan
12N Trahearne Falvery
Joanna Hinds (Supporting 13G, 13L and 13N)

Year 13

Head of Years 13 Josh Hall
DHoY  12 and 13 James Flitcroft

13C  Erica Tomlinson
13E Adam Dawlatly
Jen Edge
Victoria Scott (Supporting 12C, 12E and 12F)
13G  Tim Gilchrist
13L Nabeel Ul-Haq
13N Nermina Omerbasic
Janani Walipitya (Supporting 12G, 12L and 12N)