Academy Performance

The headlines are shown below and more detail can be found about these results on the DFE results website.

Further information about GCSE and A Level performance can be found at the DFE results site.

GCSE Results

Year 11 Results20182019202020212022
Progress 80.220.25n/an/a0.03*
English and Maths 4+ (% of year group)77%80%83%83%84%
English and Maths 5+ (% of year group)58%62%68%66%66%
Attainment 850.7453.4557.43*56.5*53*
EBacc Entered (% of year group)28%22%24%23%38%
EBacc Achieved at grade 5 and above11%12%20%16%16%

* N.B The Y11 cohort were all entered for RE in the summer of 2021 but as these results were teacher awarded grades they were not counted in DfE Performance measures.

Historically we have not expected the majority of our students to study the EBacc suite of subjects. This is a decision made by Academy leaders including governors. This decision is kept under review.

A Level Results

It is worth noting that the A2 results have increased every year for the past four years and the progress score up until 2019 shows the Academy to be ‘well above’ national average.

Pass rate 100%100%100%99%100%99%100%
A* to B 52%53%55%57%68%58%57%
Average grade per entry CC+B-B-BBB-
ALPS ‘Provider’ Score433212
Students attending university, training or employment 96%100%100%100%100%100%