Chelsea Academy has a historic specialism in Science. The vision of the science specialism is that every student at the Academy will become a “scientifically literate” global citizen, with the ability to apply their skills and understanding to enrich their lives and society.

We are a school that produces the scientists of the future. Eighty per cent of our Sixth Form students study a science and through developing strong links with universities we have ensured that they are aware of the career opportunities that studying science can lead to. Many of our students take up the opportunity to take part in summer schools at Cambridge and Imperial College and plan to continue their studies at university.

Trips and visits

We have been fortunate enough to develop strong links with external agencies to provide extra opportunities for our students. We have run trips to:

  • The Royal Society Summer Exhibition
  • Scientist in Sport workshop at Kings
  • The Science Museum ‘Big Bang’ event
  • Salters Chemistry Festival
  • Cambridge University
  • Holloway University
  • The Centre of the Cell
  • King’s College – nanotechnology talk
  • Imperial College summer school
  • Lush – cosmetic chemistry
  • Royal Institution – young people’s Unconference
  • London Zoo
  • Science Museum
  • Natural History Museum
  • Kew Gardens
  • St George’s University Hospital
  • Juniper Hall
  • The Royal Institution Christmas lectures
  • Imperial College’s spectroscopy workshop
  • Old Operating Theatre
  • Latymer School – Simon Singh lecture
  • The moving brain at UCL
  • ‘Day Glow’ at the Royal Albert Hall – looking at pharmacogenetics
  • ‘Plug in your brain’ lectures at Westminster University
  • ‘Gods, devils and alcohol’ at Westminster School
  • RSCU essay launch evening
  • Building bridges project with the Science Museum
  • Exscitec Engineering
  • ‘When science attacks’ at Imperial
  • Latymer school – gifted and talented Saturday morning science

In the Academy

We continue to aim to become a focal point for science in the community. Year 5 & 6 students from local primary schools visit the Academy and are taught science lessons in our laboratories. As well as supporting Primary teachers with the delivery of their Science curriculum, it also means  students are more familiar with the Academy when they start in September. 

Parents and other community members attend our science fairs and lecture series. We have had visits  from the following speakers: 

  • Lord Professor Robert Winston
  • ‘Imperial Racing Green’ project
  • Bike It – powering a TV with a bike
  • Dr Brunker – a medical physician from UCL
  • Dr Vanstone – A rocket scientist from Imperial
  • Dr Parker – researching bowel cancer at UCL
  • Dr Khanam – Chelsea Academy Christmas lectures
  • Understanding animal research
  • Physical engineer Henry Burridge
  • Astronomer Chris Green
  • Professor Robert Airey – Physics can be fun
  • Jodie Rawlings – British Heart Foundation
  • Medical students from St George’s University